Jigoku (1960) Review

Jigoku slowly builds this sombre atmosphere, made weird through discordant jazz music, giving the viewer the impression of chaos taking over as Shirō's life crumbles around him and he begins his spiritual descent into Hell. But once the tension starts spilling over, the plot becomes a succession of violent trespass after violent trespass."

Dawn of the Dead (1978) Review

"The first 20 minutes are a vital component of [Dawn of the Dead] in my opinion. Most zombie films rush through the downfall of society part entirely. The viewer actually witnessing the death of human civilisation, provides some much needed context to proceedings. Firstly it provides the pathos of humanity's sad end, but it also shows how incapable humans are in the face of a major world changing crisis."

Berserk (1997 – 98) Review

"Berserk is an exploration of worth in a world which values only martial force. Guts is an artist with the blade, butchering his way through entire armies. In this brutal setting, killing's all that defines him. And yet he yearns for more; for some kind of goal in life."

Zombi 2 (Zombie Flesh Eaters) (1979) Review

"For some reason forever lost to time, the Italian horror cinema of the Seventies and Eighties had an obsessive drive to produce as many zombie movies as possible. During those two decades, Italian directors created more shambling forms than a drunken flooring company."

Street Trash (1987) Review

"The plot (if one can call it that) concerns a batch of toxic, woefully old wine called Viper that is being sold cheaply to the homeless population of Manhattan. It produces all manner of bizarre effects in its drinkers. People deliquesce, explode, break down, and fall apart; anything that can be done to transform the human body into a work of modern art."

The Fog (1980) Review

"The fantastic cinematography [in The Fog] helps to animate the evil qualities of the fog. By using techniques such as Chiaroscuro, Dean Cundey enhances the ghostly qualities of the undead hiding amongst it to a dreamlike degree. Could there exist a more perfect image for encapsulating the spirit of the campfire ghost story movie than apparitions shambling out of the mist?"

Night of the Living Dead (1968) Review

"Night of the Living Dead's social commentary on race couldn't be more obvious. Black actors simply did not get to play the lead role in a film featuring an otherwise all white cast. They certainly were not allowed to play the articulate and capable hero who slaps the hysterical white woman and dominates the take charge white patriarchal figure. Ben does exactly all of those things in this film."

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