The Borderlands (2013) Review

"I'm not usually a fan of 'Found Footage' movies....a poorly focused hand-held camera does nothing to enhance plausibility. It just pisses people off."

Apostle (2018) Review

"Apostle is the honest sort of folk horror film. It understands that folk horror taps into the insecurities of the modern world and seeks comfort in the barbarism and ancient traditions of more brutal times and societies. There's no need for it to offer the carrot of paganism, only the stick."

The Void (2016) Review

"Playing out like a hybrid of Prince of Darkness and Assault on Precinct 13, The Void features a single location and large pool of expendable characters taken out one by one.  Feckless idiots getting picked off by nasties is, in a nutshell, The Void's plot.

But as it's ultimately more of a pure eighties horror beast than the marketing initially suggested, there's a lot of metaphysical elements thrown in."

A Dark Song (2016) Review

"A Dark Song is a horror film for people who don't normally like horror films.

There is the mood of the horror movie - gloomy house, foreboding welsh country, and the occasional disquieting noise - without the excessive gore and cathartic intensity."

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