Poster Review: Robo Vampire (1988)

Forget the film, this poster is where it's at.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) Review

"Part of Halloween III’s appeal is how it's essentially a smorgasbord of everything that was great about horror from that era.

The whole affair has an incredibly seedy vibe, and, as mentioned previously, reminds me of a time when I would sneakily stay up till 2am - on a school night no less - to watch the films I would never normally be allowed to watch. "

Annihilation (2018) Review

"What's unusual about a genre fair such Annihilation, is that the characters are intelligent, pragmatic individuals.

They're reminiscent of the sort of grounded, logical protagonists you'd find in a H.G.Wells novel; as opposed to the reactionary morons endemic in modern sci-fi who make every basic survival mistake and handle alien lifeforms with no precautions."

The Thing (1982) Review

"The idea of Antarctica defending itself is almost reflected in the creature itself. Each set piece with the creature is designed to show the Thing as this impossible, living organism desperately trying to survive.

Rob Bottin and his team clearly had a ball designing the monster's various forms."

Cube (1997) Review

"Cube is much more than a handbook on creative ways in which to slaughter people. It's as existential as cinema gets. The characters devote much of the screen time debating the purpose of the structure, where it came from, and who created it.

But these questions are just as empty as the void that surrounds the Cube."

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