Silent Hill (1999) – Game Review

"Resident Evil and Dino Crisis focused on the intense struggle between the protagonist and the monsters of the day. Silent Hill simply wanted to scare the shit out of the player."

The Sentinel (1977) Review

"Despite often being considered as something of a hack director, Winner does an admirable job of effectively building tension through scenery. As the story progresses, and the focus changes to the apartment building, Winner makes good use of ornate Gothic ornamentation and shadowy corridors to create dread."

Begotten (1990) Review

"What makes Begotten a truly unique film, is that for all its simplicity it achieves what most religious horror films fail in their overly ambitious approach. Faithful to the 'silent movie' there's no spoken dialogue, but there are no captions either (discounting a vaguely expository opening).

Regardless, Begotten is effective because it focuses on the non-human. God, Mother Earth and the Son of Earth are frightening spectres, but what happens to them is equally horrific."

Jigoku (1960) Review

Jigoku slowly builds this sombre atmosphere, made weird through discordant jazz music, giving the viewer the impression of chaos taking over as Shirō's life crumbles around him and he begins his spiritual descent into Hell.

But once the tension starts spilling over, the plot becomes a succession of violent trespass after violent trespass."

Zombi 2 (Zombie Flesh Eaters) (1979) Review

"For some reason forever lost to time, the Italian horror cinema of the Seventies and Eighties had an obsessive drive to produce as many zombie movies as possible.

During those two decades, Italian directors created more shambling forms than a drunken flooring company."

Society (1989) Review

"It's only at Society's conclusion that we receive answers to our questions. And boy, are we made to regret our desire to understand.

Despite the opening three-quarters of the 100-minute runtime being little more than an ambiguously creepy melodrama, Society's final act serves up a crescendo of macabre sexuality and mind-warping body horror."

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