The Borderlands (2013) Review

"I'm not usually a fan of 'Found Footage' movies....a poorly focused hand-held camera does nothing to enhance plausibility. It just pisses people off."

Drag Me to Hell (2009) Review

"Drag Me to Hell shares the Evil Dead series' affinity for farcical physically ruinous violence and psychological punishment. Over the course of the film Christine is scratched, strangled, gummed/licked, and has all manner of bodily fluids projected onto her."

Phantasmagoria (1995)(PC Game) Review

"Phantasmagoria, most notably, represents the folly of a games industry at its most bloated. This game came on 8-discs, had a script five times as long as the average movie, and had a Hollywood special effects team working on it as well as its own choir. I believe Sierra spent somewhere in the region of $4 million developing this piece of shit. It looks and plays out like it was shot for a tenner exclusively for the Horror Channel."

A Dark Song (2016) Review

"A Dark Song is a horror film for people who don't normally like horror films.

There is the mood of the horror movie - gloomy house, foreboding welsh country, and the occasional disquieting noise - without the excessive gore and cathartic intensity."

The Fog (1980) Review

"The fantastic cinematography [in The Fog] helps to animate the evil qualities of the fog. By using techniques such as Chiaroscuro, Dean Cundey enhances the ghostly qualities of the undead hiding amongst it to a dreamlike degree.

Could there exist a more perfect image for encapsulating the spirit of the campfire ghost story movie than apparitions shambling out of the mist?"

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