The Borderlands (2013) Review

"I'm not usually a fan of 'Found Footage' movies....a poorly focused hand-held camera does nothing to enhance plausibility. It just pisses people off."

Drag Me to Hell (2009) Review

"Drag Me to Hell shares the Evil Dead series' affinity for farcical physically ruinous violence and psychological punishment. Over the course of the film Christine is scratched, strangled, gummed/licked, and has all manner of bodily fluids projected onto her."

The Sentinel (1977) Review

"Despite often being considered as something of a hack director, Winner does an admirable job of effectively building tension through scenery. As the story progresses, and the focus changes to the apartment building, Winner makes good use of ornate Gothic ornamentation and shadowy corridors to create dread."

Begotten (1990) Review

"What makes Begotten a truly unique film, is that for all its simplicity it achieves what most religious horror films fail in their overly ambitious approach. Faithful to the 'silent movie' there's no spoken dialogue, but there are no captions either (discounting a vaguely expository opening).

Regardless, Begotten is effective because it focuses on the non-human. God, Mother Earth and the Son of Earth are frightening spectres, but what happens to them is equally horrific."

A Dark Song (2016) Review

"A Dark Song is a horror film for people who don't normally like horror films.

There is the mood of the horror movie - gloomy house, foreboding welsh country, and the occasional disquieting noise - without the excessive gore and cathartic intensity."

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