Silent Hill (1999) – Game Review

"Resident Evil and Dino Crisis focused on the intense struggle between the protagonist and the monsters of the day. Silent Hill simply wanted to scare the shit out of the player."

Day of the Dead (1985) Review

"Romero is satirising a decade that ushered in 'me,me,me' politics. In Night and Dawn, there remained the faith that humanity will always (eventually) pull together. Day doesn't have that optimism: the humans are worn down and feel put out by the needs of their fellow survivors when they're thinking only of themselves. "

Dumplings (2004) Review

"Regardless, this is all window dressing. I imagine most people are largely interested in the gag-inducing cannibalism. And on that front, cinematographer Christopher Doyle does an excellent job.

The food preparation scenes are all the more disturbing for their meticulous beauty and vibrantly appealing colour palette."

Society (1989) Review

"It's only at Society's conclusion that we receive answers to our questions. And boy, are we made to regret our desire to understand.

Despite the opening three-quarters of the 100-minute runtime being little more than an ambiguously creepy melodrama, Society's final act serves up a crescendo of macabre sexuality and mind-warping body horror."

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